Local organisations can link up with Stratford Time Bank.

  • Organisations can join Stratford Time Bank and share resources and time with other organisations – for example, by offering free meeting space.
  • Organisations can take part in group activities organised through the Time Bank or allow participation in their activities to contribute to the Time Bank. For example, Stratford Time Bank is supported by Harvest Share, a Stratford-based project that collects fruit from local gardens and orchards that would otherwise go to waste and puts it to use through free distribution to local care homes and children’s groups and by processing it into juice and jams. Time Bank members taking part in Harvest Share see half their time go to their personal account and half go to the Time Bank’s Community Pot.
  • Organisations can encourage their employees of volunteers to join Stratford Time Bank. And they can refer people they are working with to the Time Bank.

If you are interested in finding out more about organisational involvement in Stratford Time Bank, then get in touch: e-mail us at, phone us on 07419 373680 or write to Stratford Time Bank, c/o 108 Shipston Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 7LR.