Building friendship

Stratford Time Bank is a great way to meet other people and make acquaintances! We hold regular socials as well as occasional social events, like day trips, where you can get to know others as well as having fun.

The Time Bank also runs two schemes which aim to reduce social isolation and loneliness and to help people make new friends – and give friendship to others.

Befriending scheme

Our befriending scheme links two people who would like to make contact with others. Pairs are carefully matched by the Time Broker on the basis of what people tell her about their interests and expectations. Initial contact is usually by phone – and it can stay that way. But we have found that many befriending pairs start to meet each other for coffee – some have even organised days out together. How much you want to put in to the befriending is up to you, but we have found in many cases real friendships have developed.

Care home visiting scheme

Some Time Bank members give friendship to others by taking part if our care home visiting scheme. Two care homes – one in Stratford and one in Shipston – currently take part. Time Bank members visit the homes to talk to and socialise with residents who might otherwise not see many outside visitors. We are hoping to expand the scheme in the near future.